Hi. I’m Mike.

In the course of my thirty-five-years-long attempt at something resembling “pulling my weight,” I have:

  • cut cloth in a fabric shop (badly)
  • unclogged toilets in a mall restaurant (well)
  • worked for a machinist
  • staffed a home center’s lumber department
  • staffed an upscale retailer’s bathroom department
  • attempted college three times (and graduated once)
  • gotten married (now at twenty-six years and counting!)
  • driven a taxi
  • sold legal services (again, badly)
  • managed traveling fund-raising art auctions
  • bought a house
  • worked for a carpenter and cabinetmaker
  • attempted college again (and graduated again)
  • offered an architect all the wisdom and insight a raw rookie draftsperson can muster
  • sold the house
  • bought another house
  • became a registered architect myself
  • got hired by two more architects who had no reason to know better, and
  • firmly established myself in my eventually chosen profession as a force to be tolerated.


In my mind’s eye, though, where it almost counts, I am a writer. (Or an actor. Or a stand-up comic. Whatever might get me some attention, I suppose.)

Of course, you would think a person who has never actually written anything would find this a difficult conceit to maintain.

But it has been, in fact, remarkably easy to deflect the fact that all my life’s experience has hitherto seemed to have left me precious little to commit to paper. As long as the daily pursuit of creative new reasons for my boss to keep me on staff another week kept me hopping, I would tell myself, I had no energy to put into anything else.

Meanwhile, however, my wife, Pamela, who is not deluded — we are polar opposites — had been nursing an idea of her own. And when she finally let me in on it, I was on board fast.

Goodbye, second house. Goodbye, profession.

And hello, Meander.

This boat’s gonna give me something worth writing about, and the time and energy to do it.

Now let’s see how far she takes us.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. So it’s your birthday. And also a rebirthday, as you launch yourself on yet another life as an able-bodied seamen. Having lived through previous rebirths (Mike the TV producer, Mike the toy designer, Mike the architect, Mike the sketch comedy performer) I want to help. No doubt all you need is some confidence, a little swagger in your (soon to be) sailor’s cantor as you strut about deck. Trust me, my father was a seaman, too. So here’s a little tune that you can sing as often as you need. Don’t forget to keep your legs spread wide. And Happy Birthday!


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  2. Hellol there! Thanks for checking out SailingChiron.com. If you and Pam ever sail Meander up the Potomac and end up near DC, please send us a note. We have great docktail parties and the marina always has room for transients.
    I feel your pain with the head issues. Our last 32′ Dufour in Annaoplis had a cracked san tank so we went to marina facilities frequently.
    Charles and I are keeping our fingers crossed for you! We are anchored out on the Potomac tonight- thank goodness for wifi hotspots!
    Happy sailing!
    Tiffany and Charles


    • Tiffany, thank you for checking us out as well.

      The Potomac sounds lovely, and I’m eager to find out if Meander’s 4′-11 draft will let us get up to DC. If you look up one evening and see TowBoat U.S. dragging a green-hulled Pacific Seacraft 34 in your direction, you’ll know that my interest in your docktail parties drove the thought of checking a chart right out of my head.


      • Hi Mike, you can get into National Harbor but probably not Ft Washington, the next one down. Sail up and see us sometime- the light of the giant Ferris wheel makes for great atmosphere.
        Charles’s old sailboat with a 5’7″ draft is docked there as well as a few other larger and more luxurious sailboats so we can definitely take the deep draft. The channel gets pretty narrow past the Wilson Bridge (95/495) and it’s the last bridge we can sail under so no real DC memorial cruising to be had.

        On another thread we had- I found a Pacific Seacraft Owner’s Forum on Google. I bet they would know about your fridge.


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