Nearly Thoughtless Thursday: I Could Do It Too

For some time now, my wife Pamela has been following a blog called Zero to Cruising. Started by some visionary folks who, many years ago, were in the same boat we’re in now (figuratively, not literally), it’s one of several blogs and other creative endeavors that fueled her dream to buy and live on a sailboat.

And a few weeks ago, these folks shared a video about some other visionary folks—specifically, a family that has managed to capture, in beautiful world-wide sound and color, the quickening spirit of a life on the water.

Of course, I hate all these people.

But please don’t get me wrong. It’s only because I know I’m yet too small to be like any of them. And that’s one reason I’m genuinely thankful to be aboard Meander this Thanksgiving Day. Room to grow.

That is, if I’m up to it. I guess we’ll see.

Meanwhile, if you have thirteen minutes and forty-three seconds to spare, this glimpse from the deck of a cruising family’s sailboat might give you some insight into why Pam has been thinking about the cruising life all these years.

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