Nearly Thoughtless Thursday: A Movie for Cruisers

What movie released in the past twenty-five years would you imagine tops the list of perennial cruiser favorites?

I’ll give you a hint. It’s not The Perfect Storm. And it’s certainly not All Is Lost.

No, cruisers are a more lighthearted and optimistic bunch than that.

And after a few years of employing the scientific method known as “paying attention when other people are talking,” I have made the somewhat preliminary–some might say prematurte–determination that this honor belongs to 1992’s Captain Ron.

I’ve seen it twice now, and I almost get it.

Landlubbers, please note this movie should not be confused with a training video.

Sailors, what do you think? Has any movie character on land or sea worked his or her way farther into your hearts than Kurt Russell’s Captain Ron?

4 thoughts on “Nearly Thoughtless Thursday: A Movie for Cruisers

    • This is NOT a good movie, and I absolutely do NOT recommend it.

      I just happen to like it. . . a lot. It’s fabulously strange, forced and awkward.

      So, yes, by all means, see it if you can. But not because I recommend it. Rather, because what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. 🙂

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