Nearly Thoughtless Thursday: The Most Important Locker

What is the most important storage space in your house? Is it the one with the family photos? The one with the warmer clothes stored up against the onslaught of the coming winter? The one with the decorations for Christmas, or Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, or such other seasonal celebration as may be dictated by your culture and heritage?

Out here in the frontier of the municipal marina, a place so rough-and-tumble that you have to leave your lodgings to do your laundry, our priorities are dictated by one consideration: survival.

So you might well understand how we prize the locker with the cleaning supplies that keep everything looking ship shape (interesting turn of phrase–I wonder where it came from) and smoothly functioning. Or more critically still, to get us out of a jam when something breaks while underway, the locker full of spare engine parts. Or, when the ship hits the can, the one that holds the emergency flares and the spare life jackets.

And you might conclude, then, that one of these lockers is the most important storage space on a cruising sailboat.

You might conclude that. But you’d be wrong.

On a cruising sailboat, the most important locker is this one.


Any somewhat more accomplished cruisers out there with a somewhat more educated opinion? Please post a comment.

11 thoughts on “Nearly Thoughtless Thursday: The Most Important Locker

  1. Oh boy, when Pamela teased with “What’s the most important are of the boat?” I was hoping it wasn’t another story about the head!


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