Our home on the water.

A week ago yesterday, I wrote the origin story of an engagingly mad endeavor my wife Pam and I have undertaken. Having left behind all reason as we know it, we have spent the past five years pursuing a lifestyle known as liveaboard cruising and a sailboat on which to live it.

And in that origin story, I alluded to the few signatures, the two documents, and the boatload of cash that had to be pushed around in order to land us last Tuesday on the deck of our new home on the water.

It’s been a busy week since I posted that origin story. And during it, we’ve learned again (had we forgotten before) that pursuing “Admin” can be an endeavor all its own, albeit one whose madness is not nearly so engaging.

So the bad news is that last Tuesday came and went, and we are still one document swap away from closing.

The good news is that the sellers didn’t care.

It seems that during the protracted march we took through the many lenghthy steps leading to this point, our negotiating partners had come to trust us. At least, they trusted us enough to have allowed us to move last Tuesday after all.

So we are now in de facto possession of what, after a final handoff to occur at 2:00 PM DST today with all the ceremony befitting a Wawa convenience store parking lot outside Mechanicsville, Virginia, will officially become our first sailboat. And our fifth home.

Ladies and gentlemen, at the risk of being eight hours premature, I give you Meander.


Our home on the water.


Photo: Mike Webster.

8 thoughts on “Our home on the water.

  1. Thank you. We’re going to take care of her as best we can, starting, I think, with avoiding anything that would send her to the bottom of the marina we’re docked in.

    The stories we’ve read about cruising with kids characterize it as wonderful both for the kids and for their families. And it sounds as if you’ll be adding to those stories. So congratulations to you as well!


  2. Congratulations. She is a beautiful vessel! We’ve been cruising for two months, aboard with kids and we would never give it up!


    • “Meander” is just the name that was on her when we bought her. It’s not my favorite, and we’ll probably change it when we’ve raised $300 to file for amended documentation with the United States Coast Guard. Oh, and about $7,000 to repaint her hull and replace her canvas. (Might as well change the color when we strip off the old name.)

      On a side note, we will also have to float a dinghy behind her, and it will also need a name. So Pam promises that if we avoid the expense above by keeping “Meander,” we will call the dinghy “Mini-Mea.”


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